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Hello Jewels. It has been ages since I wrote here. The writer’s block is much more real than I thought. I never quite understood it. Anyway, for the next few weeks I shall be sharing on a series that has been sparked by events that have occurred in my life in the past few months. In our current generation, we spend a lot of time putting up a fa├žade (using photos and hash tags) to show others that our relationships with God and man are doing just fine even when that is not the case. In this series, however, we shall discuss how we can build a thriving, abounding and loving relationship with God (and hopefully we can pick up principles to apply in our human relationships). (Build because it is intentional, requires effort, time and nurturing for this to happen). True goals and winning in this life is, among other things, about building a good relationship with God. Now, I am no authority in how to relate with the almighty but I will just share a few things that the Lord has impressed upon …

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