Classical Pianist, Neuro-Cardiologist, Electrical Engineer, Accountant, Painter, Guitarist, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Product Designer - Furniture, Architectural Visualizer, Air Hostess, Model, Animator, Photographer…

The list is endless and could go on and on and on.

All these are paths I have wanted to pursue career wise and for reasons I am about to articulate below;

Classical Pianist (music is and will always be my first love – had a stint with piano playing); Neuro-Cardiologist (this must have been out of admiration for Ben Carson until I met Chemistry – the reaction was not so good), Electrical Engineer (physics is more than bae so it became plan B after Chemistry did not work out), Accountant (nilikuwa tu natamani kuenda Baraton University because my friends were there), Painter ( This is always spurred by all the Van Gogh – like work I interact with every other day – though I actually painted for some time and still do once in a while), Guitarist (I really admired my brother’s playing skills and decided to go at it for a while – I was getting pretty good at it then I eventually let go), Graphic Designer (I don’t know where this came from but am pretty good at any kind of design so I do it though not commercially, Interior Designer (Chacha, my former classmate is really good at this so I picked up this…….

Do I really need to go on?

In the split seconds that my mind raced through all this, The Holy Spirit brought to mind the 10th commandment;

Exodus 20:17 – “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor

I often had never thought of the relevance of this great Life’s principle till today, but the more I thought about it with God’s help, the more I realized that there are many reasons why  God warns us in principle to stay away from yearning to possess or have what is not ours (Coveting) as follows;


Every moment spent; whether in looking, comparing, complaining and finally in trying to be like someone and do what they are doing robs you of time. Time you could use to grow to be who God intended; time in building that relationship now wasting away; time in perfecting the skills God has already put in you; time that is not on your side because with each moment we are nearer our graves.

What/Who are you wasting your time on?


Yes, unfaithfulness! Covetousness, stemming from a place of desiring more can cause you to be unfaithful. Perhaps that is why you can’t keep a relationship – you always think that there is better elsewhere. Maybe it is why your career is stagnant; or maybe covetousness is why you are a social media addict (can’t get enough of other people’s lives) and in turn robbing your company of your effort; or could be that coveting is the reason why you are stuck in debt instead of faithfully tithing and living within your means.

Are you truly faithful in everything or has this plaque caught up with you?  (Read Proverbs 28:20a)


When we are so busy looking at what others have that we want to possess, we cannot be grateful for what God has blessed us with. There is an abundance of blessing God has granted each one of us. David in realizing this pens the 23rd Psalm beautifully; 1The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.

Do you realize how much God has blessed you or are you so busy gazing at what others have; whether materially, in skill, in personality, etc?

Pause a while and thank God my dear friend;

What else comes with coveting? (Drop a comment below)

Live Light!