Trees and Fruits - I

I love fruits, and anyone who knows me knows that on the top of the list before papaya and pineapples is the AVOCADO

(Now this is an avocado with mother, father and grandparents i.e. good genes)

Jokes aside, this fruit clearly comes from a good tree.  At least from the photo I can say that THE FRUIT IS GOOD

However, recently at the fruit vendor’s stand near home, I bought an avocado – its rind dark and shiny, hardly squashed; it passed all my avocado tests basically. Yet, when I got to the house and cut it open; it was stringy, had dark sections – nothing that I thought it was. It was a bad fruit.

From that I could only rightly conclude that the tree was bad. Yes – no good fruit is ever going to come out of it – ever. WELL, unless something changes and the tree is miraculously MADE GOOD. Thanks to science, there is grafting and many other solutions.

Now to the object lesson:
As Christians we really invest on our P.R. Like that great-looking avocado we really know how to look good on the outside. We strive to even do what is appropriate in others eyes that they may have high estimates of us.

Behind closed doors though, we struggle and have crumbled. We have those bad habits we can’t get rid of; we keep falling every time we try to stand; we take the easy way out and yield to temptations; sins for us are so easy to commit – they are just but fruits evident of the tree.

Luke 6:43-44a; says No good (kalos) tree bears bad (sapros) fruit, nor does a bad (sapros) tree bear good (kalos) fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.

Kalos in Greek here means a fine tree that is of quality; Sapros here refers to a decayed or rotten or bad tree.

We are really, BAD TREES.


I am saddened that this is my condition - a decayed tree, rotten to the core, one that constantly produces bad fruit.

Deep within, I really desire to be a good tree, that the fruit I bear in actions and words be good - not just that but useful, of benefit and quality - genuinely. That what I do may not just be a fa├žade; but that everything may stem from the good (precious, noble, morally upright) substance that is within.

How can this be for you and for me? Check out part II on Thursday.

Live Light!