I hear you dear reader saying,
“That’s a little boring”
“Why should I even read this it’s boring after all…?”
“Am looking for something interesting to read, something exciting...”
Woi! Today is the day I disappoint you kabisa… Boredom is the key word today, or not. Read on and see.
Increasingly, we of the human race are often out there looking for some form of thrill, excitement, fresh and different. I do not know what it is we are seeking exactly (someone do a research on this). This is so much so that we have forgotten the beautiful value of CONSISTENCY.
(I pause to ask, do you have a value system that guides you – share hapo chini tafadhali).
Boring, right? I agree too, consistency is boring.
It makes you predictable yet you want to be volatile and able to take any form like the 3 states of matter; it calls for you to operate in a structured way; it means that you have to have a program for the day; as in lazima ujipange. Consistency means that you cannot do things venye unaifeel (who came up with this cheesy phrase anyway).
This is all good except it robs you of so much more that there is to building character (being like Jesus) and getting the most out of life especially in the Christian journey.
I am not an authority in the world of consistency because randomness is me. I love a life where I make the rules and do what I want, when I want it, how I want it, for as I want to do it or not. That is why I (and anyone else who suffers from this) need to learn about consistency.

Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today and forever.”

Live Light!


  1. Ah! I was just starting to sink in my couch to enjoy a long post! Good read and thanks for the reminder to be like Jesus.
    Knowing your mind I'm laughing at this monologue 😂

    1. Hehehe! Talk of a thought kuishia njiani ;-).
      Thanks for passing by.


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