10 (Yes Ten, the Number)

10 is not my favorite number just so you all know.

It has been such a long time since I posted on the blog, precisely 76 days.

So why the number 10 you may think?

That period of not writing for the blog (been writing to myself) translates to 10 blog posts missed out, 10 more articles to edify someone else, 10 posts a better writer, 10 more epiphanies to share; and no am not going to make this a complaining or whining post.

I realize how much 10 posts would have done for me between then and now but during these 3 months plus, a lot has happened that I have learned through experiences, stories shared, books read (speaking of which, am on book 20 in my 100 books to read for the year challenge).

That doesn’t really matter following the inquiries I have got as to why I am yet to post on the blog for such a long time.

What matters is that I left people hanging (is that English expression legitimate? Unajua kuna vitu sisi husema tu… ) and it is not right.

Have you ever been left hanging or should I say pending? It is not the best thing to happen to anyone. The period is very full of uncertainty – kind of like what the country has been going through since yesterday.

Or maybe like me, you are the kind of person with a habit of leaving things and/or people pending (hanging sounds much more appropriate) and go off and continue with life. At times casually remembering what you ought to do but ignoring it anyway, or postponing it always.

Dear friend, kuacha vitu zikihang ama watu is not a good habit. I will tell you why.

In the process of cultivating this habit;

1. Time (the greatest asset in town) is lost that would have otherwise been utilized.

2. You become a procrastinator; matter of fact, a professional one.

3. Things are never the same. Things change, people do change, life goes on and no one waits for you.

4. You miss out on who you could have become.

Solomon the wise says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 says,

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

We all know seasons;

- They are never permanent (they begin and end), hence the name. 

- One paves way for the other (an ushering of sorts)

- One can only live in one season at a time.

So, what am I saying today?

Be the person that lives in the season for there is a season for everything. Don’t waste it, or tire and leave things or people hanging. One day it too shall pass and if you, like I, take a retreat, then you may never know what your 10 blog posts would look like.

Oh and 13 is my favorite number.

Live Light!


  1. Book 20?? I think I'm at 10-15... Challenge accepted! N yes... Been too long, welcome back.

    1. Thanks hun. You should get onto a more comment friendly platform. :-D

  2. Welcome back Atieno. I am glad to have a bite of your creative writing. This article is, in and of itself, touches the very core of what we deem as 'inconsequential, harmless,' and yet it's the quintessence of boondoggle. We don't have an iota of idea how pronounced are it's ramifications to that effect. Further, it touches the very kernel of a matter which opens the flood of shilly-shalling.

    1. My friend, are you trying to start a blog on my blog or chase away my readers?
      Hehehehe! Thanks for passing by.


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