Before anyone stones me or thinks that I am about to campaign for Raila, let me digress from the hot topic to share some news (na sio eti napenda udaku 💣);

My salonist - i.e the GUY who helps me make my hair B.L.E.A.C.H.E.D himself. 
As in, he thought the God-given melanin was too conc (concentrated) and decided to do something about it; am yet to get over it. I had carried my food to eat at the salon while waiting for the hair-washing water to boil, but I couldn't just swallow even my saliva. Something about his skin reminded me of the funny-looking brown/ grey geckos which somehow look transparent. 
As I ponder upon and try to deduce what would make a young MAN (no reference to woman here) want to change the color of his skin to a lighter tone, let me get to irreducible minimums.

Lately this word has been thrown around the Kenyan political scene a lot and it got me thinking whether I have any irreducible minimums of my own in whatever aspect, whether physical, spiritual, in principle or otherwise.
According to google, irreducible minimum  means  incapable of being reduced or of being diminished or simplified further.
A better definition which I will go with is; the least amount of attributes necessary to maintain function and identity. 
Let me attempt to explain this a little: Consider the parts of a tree; It has leaves, branches, trunk, roots. For it to maintain its function as a tree, all these must be there; For it to maintain it's identity too, the trunk, the roots and branches are at the least very necessary. These minimums combined, enable us to know a tree and even at times, these minimums help differentiate one tree from another. 

I think you now see why irreducible minimums are important, but just in case all the above is too much jargon, let me bring it closer home (lakini who came up with these misemo?)

You know that time when you are trying to describe a person to make them known to someone else, what do you use? 
I will tell you what; irreducible minimums.

The aspects will at times take the physical angle e.g. 
"The tall girl, with big brown eyes." or "The short guy, with a big nose."

When that fails, they will try and use your dress code e.g.
 "That girl who wears only long skirts" or
"Yule msichana wa kuweka flowers kwa nywele?" or "That guy who likes wearing suits?"

When that fails, people will start to describe you by how you do your things, how you talk, your walking style, They will even use your attitude if they must. 
The point is, there are things that are common to all people, but there are irreducible minimums that give each of us function and identity and the two together make up each unique individual.
My questions as I had this thought were 2;
1.What does my list of irreducible minimums look like?
2. What can I edit in that list?

In the Bible, we too as Christians are prescribed some I.M.

Matthew 7:20 says that "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

For the Christian, in this journey, Christ says that our irreducible minimums are our fruits (which are read as works, actions, attitudes, etc.)
They are best expounded in Galatians 5:22-23 that says;

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

As you ponder upon whether you have these attributes and can actually have witnesses to the fact, What do you think/realize are your irreducible minimums? 
Or better still, what is the most unexpected description of you that someone ever gave? 
I would love to hear it so leave a comment in the box below 😉. 


Live Light!!


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