Greetings Dear One,

How are you doing amidst all the uncertainty around you?
If you are like me, then at some point, fear has gripped you.

In the Bible, in 2 Chronicles 20; there was one King faced by an overwhelming situation, a crisis if you like. His name was Jehoshaphat. A multitude was coming against Him. He knew fully the weaknesses his kingdom had, and so he, the King, feared. It is amazing though, what He did in response to the situation, in that state of fear. He set himself to seek the LORD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah.

In this time, you and I are experiencing fear and anxiety. My question is, how have you responded to the situation going on amid the fear? What or who have you set yourself to seek? What the government has to say? Ungodliness? Scientific answers? Or are you seeking The Lord?
Jehoshaphat knowing their condition, set himself to seek The Lord. The Lord was the only one he could look to; for he trusted that God had all power and might. The great news is that; The Lord took up the battle as His own and he delivered them.
Will you not set yourself to seek The Lord today, you and all your household?

Dear Lord, I am thankful that you promised to hear and answer when I call to you. Amidst the fear and the situation that is beyond our control, I choose to set my eyes on you, for you alone can help us. In Jesus' Name I ask. Amen

Blessings upon you.

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