Say you had a bad day at work; how encouraged are you at the end of it all and someone asks about your day? How's your reaction when you continually fail at something? I'd be devastated; I guess you will too. 

Having been out working all night, Simon Peter returns to shore empty-handed, a day's work worth of nothing. While he is busy working on his nets preparing for the next day, Jesus is teaching a multitude on the shore. Pressed by the crowd around, He gets into Simon's boat, asks him to thrust it into the water and continues to teach from there.

Long after the multitude is gone, Jesus asks Simon to let down his nets for a catch. Simon Peter willingly does so and the result of this act of obedience is moving enough for him to acknowledge Jesus as no ordinary man and to leave his work and follow Christ.

Through Simon, we learn the importance of letting God use us even through our vocations; we also learn that we should allow God's will in our lives. All night, Simon Peter and his partners caught nothing, but at the command of Christ, he showed obedience. 

Dear Lord, teach us today to discern your voice from the noise in the world so that we will seek to align our wills with yours for the sake of our salvation and saving of lives. Amen.

Lisa Ogutu