Greeting Jewels, 
How have you been for the last 3 months?
Yes, it has been that long.

In that season, many amazing lives have been lost.
One of my all time favorite preachers who made God's word come alive, Walter Pearson Jr. died. I, sadly only got to know one of my all time favorite apologists, Ravi Zacharias, after he died. In the Adventist circles in Kenya and Tanzania, we lost Mwalimu Samson Kebaso, a great song writer and musician.

Amidst all this, I got to think about their lives, and specifically the consequences of their living. A huge consequence of the life of these three men was that; many were blessed, many were drawn closer to the Lord, and thereby many were pained by the loss of these men. Their flavors were rich and far reaching.

This got me to think of 3 things about consequences.

We cannot detach ourselves from the consequences of living. By you being here, there are consequences. Whether good, bad or ugly, there are consequences of your presence to those around you.

A consequence is bound always to a choice, unconscious or not. We make the choices but we can never control or choose the consequences that come as a result. 

Of all the creatures that exist, we have the privilege of not only being able to choose, but choose well and hence determine the consequential outcomes.

Back to these three men, the consequences of their lives, tho far reaching, are evidence of the choices they made. These men chose the Lord and to serve Him.
Your life today, is a consequence of choices you made a while back or even cumulatively. If you do not like it, you can make a change. You can choose better. The best you can choose is to live for the Lord. 

What are the consequences telling you about your past choices today?

Have a blessed day!
Crown Jewel.